CARIBPOLITAN /‘KAR-IB-POL-I-TAN/: [noun] 1. Term constructed from ‘Caribbean’ and the Greek root ‘polis’ which means city, citizenship or body of people. 2. 21st century person with West Indian origin/descent living in diasporic metropolitan communities such as Brooklyn’s Flatbush, Florida’s Miami, Toronto’s Brampton, and London’s Brixton. 3. Urban person with parentage from one or more Caribbean islands.

Caribbeing House

Caribbeing House at the Flatbush Caton Market

Caribbeing House at the Flatbush Caton Market

The Caribbeing House is an unique multipurpose art/cultural space located in the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn.  Situated in a sea container with floor to ceiling windows, chic raw interior and bespoke flooring, it is a one-of-a-kind space that reflects the cultural heritage of its surrounding community in one of Brooklyn’s original towns.  

The CARIBBEING HOUSE is mobile. 

Future uses include: art exhibitions / curated cultural experiences / trunk shows / film screenings / book readings /  community

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